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The peak tourist season in Turkey is during high summer, roughly between July and September, so airfares are highest during this season.  That is why when planning on travelling to Turkey in a moderate amount of budget, it would be best to visit during the spring (April, May, through mid-June) and autumn (mid-September through October) because flight tickets are cheaper during this seasons and lower still during the winter season (November through March).  However, you must consider the weather as it will play an important part in your travel plans.   

    When travelling to Turkey you must keep in mind that it is a big country.  If you travel by road, a trip may take several days.  But you can fly for longer distances, as it is more convenient.  Turkish Airlines' major hub is Istanbul's Atatürk Airport which has flights among major cities. In order fly from a smaller city like Izmir and Antalya to another smaller city such as Cappadocia and Adana, you may have to fly back to Istanbul hub and take a connecting flight which increases the cost of your trip.  Onur Air, Anadolu Jet, AtlasJet, Izair and Pegasus Air have lower airfares, however schedules and services may not be as favorable as Turkish Airlines.

    Here are some helpful tips on how to acquire cheap flights in Turkey.  Book your tickets in advance so you can get lower airfare prices than the regular.  Remember: the farther in advance you purchase your ticket, the cheaper it is likely to be.  It is also wise to book in pairs or groups so as to avail cheaper flight tickets through special promos or discounts that airlines are offering. It will also be to your advantage if you purchase your Turkish domestic flight tickets within Turkey because it is often far cheaper than purchasing it in your home country. You can simply buy your ticket through a travel agency located within Turkey but be sure to look for a highly recommended Turkish travel agency.  They will make flight reservations for you, and send you the electronic ticket by email, usually with no additional charges.

Watchtower of Turkey

Istanbul Experience Video

Ice Bucket Challange in Turkey

Ice Bucket Challenge in Turkey

Turkish Stuffed Grape Leaves Recipe

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Turkey Anatolia

Turkey is looking forward to welcoming you. Experience exotic holidays.

Ankara - discover the Turkish capital

The “Museum of Anatolian Civilisation”, situated by the entrance of Ankara Castle, has a wonderful collection of artifacts that go right back to Roman and Lydian times. Another popular sight in Ankara is the mausoleum of Kemal Atatürk. Ankara - the capital of Turkey is always worth a visit.

Direct flights to Andana on the Mediterranean

Adana, situated in southern Turkey on the Mediterranean, is a rapidly growing tourist destination with a very mild climate, even in winter. With its 3000-year-old history, you will not only fall in love with Adana’s famously exquisite cuisine but also with its climate, which is mild even in winter.

Kayseri - Ski and enjoy delicious Anatolian cuisine

Kayseri is one of Anatolia’s principal trading centres. With its charming mix of modernity and tradition of Anatolian culture and religion, it is also a popular tourist destination in winter. If you don’t want your holidays to consist merely of sun, beach and sea, and you would love to get to know the beauty of the country and go skiing on a snow-covered volcanic mountain range, the magical landscape of Cappadocia is a must-see!

Trabzon – the Black Sea Coast

Trabzon is both one of the oldest cities on the eastern coast of the Black Sea and one of the most popular of the region. Its sights include a harbour, the Hagia Sophia, the Sumela Monastery, mosques, churches, bazaars, exquisite regional cuisine, mountain pastures and lakes!

Gaziantep - the capital city of South-East Anatolia

Somehow or other, all roads lead to Antep. It is not without reason that the city is one of the oldest settlements of mankind. For centuries, people have moved to this place, and they have always been blessed with rich harvests from the surrounding fields. Antep lies in Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilisation. It also lies on the historic Silk Road, owns fertile ground and has access to the Euphrates, which is teeming with fish!